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  • Balancing Life Workshop

    Balancing Life Workshop

    Life is all about balance, what to hold onto and what to let go.

    “Human Beings move when their emotions are moved.”

    “We believe that the smallest of actions is always better than the noblest of intentions” The purpose of the workshop is to enhance the quality of life you live. Learning in a workshop is a combination of group learning, individual exploration and personal application. In a workshop you work in pairs or small groups to explore techniques further.
    By the end of the workshop participant would become more aware of life skills like stress management , anger management , control anxiety , positive attitude , personal speech habits , increased confidence , speech preparation and presentation techniques. Balancing life by acquiring healthy and happy life style. Finally you will be able to apply the technique to your personal and professional life and test out the results for yourself.

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    Three day workshop on 09,10,11 April, 2016

    At Vidhya Sagar Higher Secondary School, Bicholi Mardana

    Register now for joining workshop. Registration Charge: Rs.250/-

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    Email us at submission.self@gmail.com

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