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    Celebrate fatherhood with the submission in

    In our families while the mother plays the role of principal caregiver, thefather’s role is relegated to outdoor accomplishments. As the provider for thefamily, the father is assumed to have little or no role in raising children. Oftenhe becomes a role model for sons or may be a disciplinarian for daughters.But it is also quite common for women to go out to work, and for men to bestay-at- home dads. Regardless of who the caregiver is, parenting is no child’splay. Mostly parents share equal responsibilities and duties while raisingchildren.

    Yet somehow, in the celebration of the mother, the good old dad is sidelined.Mother’s Day has acquired the stature of a festival. Father’s Day comes andgoes without as much fanfare.

    On the other hand, we also have fathers who are least bothered about theupbringing and education of their children. This event also aims to make themfeel the guilt in an indirect way.

    The fact remains that, Fathers Are a Pillar of Strength. If we think backwe remember how strong our father was in times of difficulty. While everyoneelse was losing heart, he restored sanity and order. He must have felt thestress just as much as anyone else did, but he never let go. Everyone looked tohim for support. He simply waited for the storm to pass.

    More than anything else, daddy is also “Mr. Fix-It”. From a dripping tap to abroken heart, he can mend anything. A popular quote by Erika Cosby goes,”You know, fathers just have a way of putting everything together.”We ‘THE SUBMIION Social Welfare Society in association with SamajSeva Prakoshth and The Advisors is celebrating a day where a son / daughtercan tell their father how much they appreciate him. In the event son/daughterwill glorify their father in a grand gathering and they can share with the worldabout their father’ impact upon their lives.